ABA Method – Applied Behavior Analysis

earlystageinvestors.org ABA Method – Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy created in the United States that uses the principles of behavioral analysis. It is currently recommended by most physicians as the most effective therapeutic treatment for autism and other deficiencies or delays in development.

Children with autism or developmental delays may have several types of deficits in communication, social and behavioral interaction, making learning difficult.

The goal of the ABA therapist is to understand and create teaching strategies to intervene in the child’s behavior. Assist in the development of cognitive, social, linguistic skills, daily life and the reduction of behaviors in excess or inadequate to the environment.

Each child and / or teen is unique, so each care will also be. ABA therapy seeks ways to achieve the necessary skills in each individual in a unique way, so a skills assessment is performed before any intervention is initiated. In this way we can ensure that teaching strategies evolve according to the needs of the child and / or adolescent in due time.

It is very important that the family is a therapy partner because it can be reinforced by parents or caregivers at home and in other settings that the child or adolescent attends.

The multidisciplinary team, composed of the professionals who accompany the child, performs the teaching programs in the same harmony, to ensure that the skill worked is acquired and understood in a way that is effective in the life of the child or adolescent.