Orientation of Academic Works

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Our work is aimed at providing support and advice in the preparation and correction of Monographs, TCCs, Theses, Dissertations and Scientific Articles.
We follow the whole process of the student in the elaboration of his academic work, assisting in the written production of his ideas with originality, clarity, objectivity and conciseness.

Not only the written production is carefully constructed by the client under the guidance of our professionals, but there is also preparation for the moment of defense with the Examining Bank. Our client is guided on presentation, posture and resourcefulness to ensure a good presentation.


There are cases in which written production needs only a one-off orientation in order to proceed. We offer this service in order to clarify possible gaps and allow the client to advance and complete their academic production.


Written production can be an obstacle, since a well-constructed text, based on the rigor of the standard, will require a specificity due to it. We help our client in the preparation and textual review.


Our client is guided in the adaptation of his / her academic work according to the technical normalization in the country, having as parameter the Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).

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